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I'm Kait! I've been assisting Start-Up companies with their inception, scaling and acquisition for years. One thing I know, is that new businesses tend to be TARGETED. Over the last 12 years I have co-founded several successful companies. One thing they all had in common was this; We were constantly being TARGETED by marketing companies who wanted INSANE monthly management plans and fees. We literally couldn't afford their services, no matter how hard we worked. This struggle taught me EXACTLY how to help other businesses SCALE, without BREAKING THE BANK. So here I am! I am proud to be a Major Partner with KLP Marketing and I cannot wait to help you Market and Scale your business!

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A Little Bit About You!...

1 On 1 Mentorship & Business Marketing Coaching

Start Ups are tough! I get it...I've been there. I own the t-shirt. What if I told you that I TOO, have a mentor for all my business endeavors? We still speak on a monthly basis. I'm held accountable and guided in the right direction. If you asking yourself, "why should I pay for this woman's time?". My response is simply this...

When I started one of my first companies, I had 100's of different types of companies calling me, promising me all these things. I spent 1000's on a fake SEO company. I realized after paying my mentor, that I was paying for his experience. For his guidance. For the opportunity to avoid making some really bad business decisions. See, when you're an entrepreneur, you're stuck in the middle of it all. All you can focus on is making it through every day. I understand and I want to help. I want to do this without breaking your bank. Most mentors charge THOUSANDS! We came up with a more simple method...PRIVATE SESSIONS! More effective than a group setting anddddd EASIER on your wallet!

Our 1 On 1 Session Are An Awesome Way To Truly Get To The Bottom Of What's Holding You OR Your Business Back! I promise you won't regret it!


Our Services

Linked In

We Have A Proprietary Method of How We Handle Your LinkedIN! We help you gain hundreds if not thousands of connections and we assist in forming AFFILIATE connections so you can SELL and find MORE QUALIFIED LEADS!

Local & National SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

It doesn’t matter what type of business, we can help you RANK ON GOOGLE! Let’s get your business the exposure it deserves!

Lead Generation

Get more leads, sales, and conversions through highly targeted social media advertising. Target potential consumers by their age, gender, interests, and engagement with your previous marketing efforts.

Our team of experts design the ads, write the copy, help you find high converting audiences, & even build your landing page.

Social Media Posting

Social media might not be the first thing that will strike your mind when it comes to lead generation, but it should be. Social media impacts fostering sales leads and branding offering businesses greater RoI, enabling them to reach a broader audience at a minimal cost.

Press Release

Getting Published In Respected News & Online Magazine Publications Can Help Build Trust With Your Potential Clients! Let Us Do It All For You! Article Writing Included In All Press Release Orders!

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