Lead Generation

Get more leads, sales, and conversions through highly targeted social media advertising. Target potential consumers by their age, gender, interests, and engagement with your previous marketing efforts.

Our team of experts design the ads, write the copy, help you find high converting audiences, & even build your landing page.

Lead Generation has been a make it or break it type of experience for MANY businesses. We know the struggle…You see a Facebook Ad from some Marketing Company claiming they can scale you to a million. No real explanation how, but you’re intrigued so you CLICK! You’re quickly led to a funnel, where you’re presented a survey, asked a few questions…and once you answer the INFAMOUS “WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT MARKETING BUDGET?”…

We all know TOO WELL what happens next. Most likely you get a response like this…”We would love to help you, but we currently are only taking on businesses that have a marketing budget of 5k a month minimum.”

Our Lead GEN Management fees are some of the BEST in the BIZ!

Pre Ad Creation

& Initial Research

-Identify strategy based on business goals

-Creating a list of interests & behaviors and placing them in the ad system

-Setting a not-to-exceed daily spending budget

-Build custom audiences for retargeting

-Setting up proper geographical targets

-Managing the bids to create the best value we can for each click

OR cost per lead (CPC, CPL)

Please Note if your business ads must be SPECIAL CATEGORY for Credit, Employment, Housing or Real Estate etc. we follow all guidelines according to Facebook Policy.



Accounts Managed


Happy Customers


Ads Created


Cups Of Coffee

Tier 1


Min ad spend $500 max $1,500

(simple lead gen)

Tier 2


Min ad spend $1500 max $2500.

(brand strategy)

Tier 3


Min ad spend $2500 max $3500.

(brand strategy)

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