Are You Tired Of Paying Per Lead?

Many times we witness start-up companies focusing on only getting leads with ads. It is true, Ads DO work! However, we must never forget the true organic ways of gaining clientele will never go out of style. We build or redo your entire LinkedIn account, then we mass target specific professionals who will most likely want to be an affiliate. Certain professionals work with people who need Credit Repair. That’s where we help you!

We Have A Proprietary Method of How We Handle Your LinkedIN! We help you gain hundreds if not thousands of connections and we assist in forming AFFILIATE connections so you can SELL and find MORE QUALIFIED LEADS!

We offer 2 different LINKEDIN Service options!

One Time LinkedIN Service is $399 (one time fee)

We work on your LinkedIN Account for 2 weeks

Monthly LinkedIN Management INCLUDES us scheduling calls with Affiliates by using your booking calendar! $500 A Month

Let Us Jump Start Organic Traffic!

Only $399 One Time Fee

Only $500 A Month Management & Affiliate Booking


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